Kathleen Kemly

Wherever I go, my sketchbook is always close at hand. People are endlessly fascinating subjects — in coffee shops, airports, on the bus or standing in line.

In the studio, my sketches are a springboard for paintings. As a painter, form, color and narrative are what interest me. Using acrylics and various scrounged bits of paper, I find my way into the painting by switching back and forth between painting and collage. The artists I continually turn to for inspiration are Pierre Bonnard, Richard Deibenkorn and David Hockney.

When summertime (and sunshine) finally come to the Pacific Northwest, itʼs hard to stay in the studio. So out I go. Capturing form, light and color are my goals when painting en plein aire; along with the more practical challenges of painting outdoors — bugs, wind and ever changing light.

I received my BFA at Parsons School of Design in NYC and have continued my education at the Gage Academy in Seattle. My work includes illustrating many award-winning Children’s Books; most recently, Molly, By Golly!